Sunday, August 10, 2008

Asking TO Help

Please note the title of this post - asking TO help, not asking for help.

Yesterday I was hosting a picnic for a professional group to which I belong. Twenty-sex of my colleagues were here to network, socialize and of course, eat. It was a great day.

Now normally when I play host I do not accept help, but it was one of those days; I was a bit overwhelmed; I think a couple of people realized it. So this time, when people asked TO help, I stepped completely out of my character - and said yes.

I mean let's face it, we have all been offered help and should have taken it, but our pride or some other ridiculous insecurity or self-righteous attitude turned it down. Stupid us, huh? I realized yesterday that people asking to help means they want to ensure success, be it for you, the group or the situation.

So next time someone asks to help you in your journey to thinner thighs, say yes instead of telling them you've got it under control. Yesterday I did not have it under control; I realized it the minute I looked at the number of people standing on my deck and how twenty-six people were waiting for food that needed to be cooked on one grill.

I remember when I was losing my weight all those years ago, some people asked to help me; my attitude was I had to do it myself. Yes, you do have to do it yourself, but perhaps it is time to start thinking how doing it yourself means allowing others in to ensure your success.

Next opportunity someone gives you, figure out a way for them to help you! Deal?

and speaking of help.......................................

Do you have a home office? A friend/colleague of mine is offering to help you make that space someplace you look forward to being - and she is doing it for free. I bought Linda's services a few years ago and after doing a little Feng Shui of my office I had one of the most productive work periods in a long time. What she is offering is not about Feng Shui, but something much cooler - and again it is Free; so check out what Linda Varone is offering by clicking here. I am planning on being there!


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