Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stress Makes You Eat? What a Crock!

So last night and this morning I have been dealing with a server nightmare. Seems that my web host had a malfunction and two of my mailing lists got tangled up; all kinds of strange emails and responses are going everywhere. Some of you reading this were victims.

And what does this have to do with getting Skinny?

Simple. Not once have I thought of running to the kitchen for food. I've got a problem and I'm resolving it. Food is not going to stop all the email bouncing. Food is not going to untangle the lists. Food is not going to get my web hosts to make things better in a shorter amount of time. Food cannot fix a problem, bring back a loved one, stop your spouse from being an ass or your kids from getting out of control. Food is not an answer.

So here's a great solution to those problems that you have; the ones where you turn to food................... How about solving the problem instead.

Then you can eat a nice healthy meal to celebrate two successes. Perhaps a crock of healthy chili?


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