Monday, July 21, 2008

Cooking is like an adventure.....................

I remember the day I bought my first cookbook. I figured if I wanted to lose weight I better learn how to cook. I remember that first recipe...........Beef Pie Mexicali. It was awesome.

I bought another cookbook.

And another.

And another.

Then people started giving me cookbooks.

And they gave me more cookbooks.

I soon learned how to cook; and impressed a lot of people - it's really easy to impress people who eat out all the time. It's even easier to follow a recipe.

As part of my cooking process I started asking myself questions........... What if I substituted this for that? I wonder if the sauce used in that recipe can be used in _____? Hey, that's a great low fat and low calorie stuffing; besides a turkey what else can I stuff?

Do you get my point. Cooking started to become an adventure. Sometimes I reached the top of Mount Everest. Other times I plummeted to my death (like the time I made a lasagna with whole wheat noodles, 93% fat free beef and all those fat free cheeses. Can you spell puke!) But I digress.

I rarely use a cookbook anymore, the kitchen has become a place to play and experiment. So when my neighbor decided to have a tag sale I figured I would get a return on my investment. I dropped about 40 cookbooks off in his yard the other day.

I made $4


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