Monday, July 07, 2008

She'll (Probably) Always Be Fat!

So I'm having a chocolate attack the other day. Now conveniently I'm right outside the Brewster Sweets shop. I walk in. The smell was enough to add 30 lbs to my body.

I decide I want some of those gourmet malted milk balls. I grab a dozen - three dark chocolate, three mint chocolate, three caramel and three cappuccino; figuring my friends are going to have a taste. I am waiting for the clerk to weigh them; but she is helping another customer.

The other customer is conversing on the phone while the young clerk is trying to service her. She is telling her friend how she can't do Weight Watchers this week; she is on vacation; and there is just too much food here. She proceeds to tell her friend where she is and that she is getting a few pieces of candy for herself before she goes back on her diet next week.

$22.53 was the cost of her few pieces or chocolate. Mine was $3.32

Can't do Weight Watchers? More like she hasn't figured out how Weight Watchers works. You buy $3.00 worth of candy Stupid; not $22.00!

Like I said, she'll probably always be fat.

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At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I finally figured it out too. There's a certain type of cookie I like. The whole package costs $4.99 but has 14 cookies at 4 pts each - and I can't stop at one. So I compromised the other day - walked into a bakery and bought 2 cookies for $1.10. The cost wasn't even important. What was important is that it satisfied my craving and there are no more cookies hanging around the house. Took more years than I care to admit to figure that out, but better late than never. Becuase I WON'T probably always be fat!


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