Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you sure you don't want a ride?

That's what Anita asked me as we walked towards the car.

It was a mile from the Palazzo back to my hotel. One mile. One stinking mile. I walked there at 5:00 PM to meet her for dinner; in the 105 degree heat. But it's a dry heat they say. I say its %#&$# HOT!

It was 10:00 PM and I think the temperature dropped a bit; maybe to 103. But I thought the walk would do me good. I would have some time to reflect on the show I just saw (Jersey Boys), get a bit of exercise, and plan for my presentation the next morning.

The whole time I was walking I was hating it. My hotel seemed to be getting further away with each step. I wanted this to be over - AND NOW!

Well before I knew it, it was over. I was at the hotel. I reflected, got a bit of exercise and came up with a quick last minute idea for my program the next day.

Sometimes we do things not because we want to, but because they're good for us. What should you consider doing that might be good for you - good for your butt, boobs or belly? Give it some thought.


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