Sunday, June 08, 2008

You Always End Up At The Grill

"You always end up at the grill" commented one of my neighbors last night. "I didn't ask you here to cook; I invited you over to have fun."

"I am having fun" I told her. "And you know me, I'm not one just to sit around and gossip."

There were also platters of chips, two tasty dips, salads that had enough mayo and oil to feed the state of Rhode Island; enough alcoholic selections to refill Lake Huron and those cute little grocery store mini-cupcakes with the vanilla and chocolate frosting that are so yummy.

So I grilled. I picked while grilling on pork loin, sausage and chicken; ate some fruit and corn when I got back inside the house and popped two of those little suckers in my mouth when I went inside to pee. I left feeling satisfied and in control; and got caught up on all that is going on in the neighborhood in a couple of hours.

As we enter summer............What's your strategy to stay in control at a picnic or BBQ? Mine is to be a good little helper.


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