Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's time......................

Yep, the unofficial beginning of summer is here. Perhaps you're getting together with people this weekend. Well it's time for everyone to see what you did this winter.

  • Will you be showing off a new body?
  • Will you be showing more leg or less leg?
  • Will you be showing more cleavage as a result of buttons popping open or less cleavage because your body decided to lose the weight in all the wrong places?
  • Will you be modeling new eating and socializing habits?
  • Will you be sharing your love of a new exercise you found this year?
  • Will you be sharing food?
  • Will you be noticing which of your family and/or friends got fatter this year?

It's time to share your success.

Or is it time to go "Oh crap, I've got three days to fix the mess?"


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