Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a Bit More; You're Almost There

I was tired of tossing and turning and watching the clock go nowhere at 4:00 this morning; so at 4:15 I found myself warp speeding through the 900 channels of nothingness that Comcast calls television. Some movie caught my attention. I tuned in right at the moment when three people were crossing a log over an endless black hole. Two of the people had made it across safely; one was nervous, scared and frozen. The other two kept telling her Just a Bit More; You're Almost There.

Just a bit more; you're almost there. Hmmmm.................

Seems to me there were three options. Do nothing. Jump off the log and die a tragic death, or move at a snail's pace to success.

You with me?

If so, read on. If not, go eat a donut.

Can you move just a bit more today? Walk an extra 5 minutes, 1/4 mile or a bit faster?

Can you make a better decision today; just a little bit better than the one you're about to make; the one you made yesterday?

Can you do anything that is just a bit better, smarter, or faster in the name of better health today?


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