Friday, May 02, 2008

Rethink Fiber. (do not) Think Fiber One.

So when my Peapod order arrived last week the Thomas' Multi Grain English Muffins were substituted with the Fiber One brand.

Well this morning I tossed that little sucker into the toaster. I topped it with some Cottage Cheese with Pineapple.

Gag. The cardboard taste was coming through.

I topped it with some more cottage cheese.

Gag. I could still taste cardboard.

More cottage cheese. Okay, this is defeating the purpose. This is a surefire way to blow portion control to hell.

Scrape off the cottage cheese; silly to waste it; especially when it is so good!

Where are the dogs? They'll eat anything.

Nowhere to be found.

The one time I need to be tripping over them; having them at my heels while in the kitchen they are nowhere to be found. Hmm........... maybe they know something I don't about these awful muffins.

On the package it reads...........Rethink Fiber. Think Fiber One. I'm all for a high fiber low-fat diet, but in this case....................



At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Yes, I've tried the fiber one breads and I totally agree. My opinion is "rethink fiber one". I'm all about getting fiber if I'm eating some carbs but the "regular" bread is so sweet I couldn't stand it. Now I don't mind sweet, but where it belongs, like candy?! Thomas multigrain light is the bomb. They need to make bread.


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