Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wow, that was delicious!

It was chicken broth, escarole, beans and some carrots. Yep, that's it; a few ingredients that made a simple soup. A simple soup that everyone at last night's Dine Off The Pounds found delicious. A simple soup that anyone can prepare at home - anyone. Even a moron. A simple soup that might be the difference between satisfaction and feeling like you're on a diet. A simple soup that...........well you get my point.

They were the most awesome black beans I have ever eaten. They were cooked with onions, garlic and some chicken broth. A simple bean dish that anyone can prepare at home - anyone. Even a moron; even me. I have a can of black beans in the house. I have some garlic, some onions and even some chicken broth. I think I have lunch today?

Remember the last time you were at a restaurant and said, "wow, that was delicious?" I'll bet you can create that same experience in your own kitchen.

I know you can; because remember.................even a moron can do it!


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

I was there and I said several times that soup was delicious...and I plan to make it at home. And I don't even like beans!!! But I will eat them again like that.


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