Thursday, April 24, 2008

That bike seat can be a pain in the..............

Had a few interesting conversations with people this week regarding the Retreat From Your Weight Loss in June. June's retreat is a bicycling weekend (February's was snowshoeing).

One person told me she doesn't own a bike. She takes a spin class; but doesn't own a bike. She said she could probably borrow a bike. She said she might even see if she can rent a bike for the weekend.

Another person was concerned that she would slow everyone down. I told her I am not looking for athletes. Retreat From Your Weight Loss is about something totally different; about pushing yourself to a new level; about trying something new; having a new experience; sharing time with new friends who are trying to change their lives at the same time; spending time with people who want to have fun that doesn't always include calories. Now I did tell her she needed to have some experience riding; that I would be pushing people to experience the pain you feel in your ass after sitting on a bicycle seat for 20 or 30 miles.

And then I got thinking.................................

About how comfortable we all get...................

Spring is here. People are excited; they're out walking again; they're out gardening again; they're out jogging again. Let's ramp it up this year.....................

Is it time to start covering more distance on that hour walk? Or finishing that three mile walk in shorter time? Is it time to add some hills to that run - uphills that is? Is it time to move that big rock from one side of the garden to the other; to a place where it looks a whole lot nicer - and then maybe painting it some cool colors? I've made a commitment to skate for about an hour every Friday in May. Care to join me? See all the neat things the CT Social Lites have and will be doing by clicking here

Comfortable is an awful place to be. Comfortable is what has helped lead to a life of being fat, unfit and unhealthy. Comfortable is not for people who care about their body.

Is it time to push yourself? Is it time to get uncomfortable again?

Is it time to experience the pain and glory of sitting on a bicycle seat for a few hours?


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