Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today I'll focus on.............

No fat
or maybe low fat
or maybe fat free
or maybe trans fats
or maybe caffeine
or getting some wine
or high fiber
or low fiber
maybe high fat
maybe I'll watch cholesterol
perhaps I should monitor salt
but what about sugar
Vitamin C?
The B groups?
What about water?
Does exercise really matter?
Red wine is good
Chocolate is good if it is dark
Butter? Margarine?
I heard strength training leads to weight loss, not cardio?
What about potassium?
Vitamin E?
Is diet soda really bad?
Can one eat too much salad?
Do I really need oil?
And which of the good ones is the best?
Green Tea?
Iced Tea?
Is red meat bad?
All of it?
Should I eat small meals or large meals?
When should I eat?
When should I exercise?
When should I stop eating?
Maybe Oprah doesn't have a clue?
Fergie looks good
Valerie Bertinelli looks hot
Queen Latifah wants me to join her
Richard Simmons is having a cruise; should I go?
Rich is having a retreat ; should I go?
Will this ever get easier?
What am I having for dinner tonight?
I don't want fruit for dessert
The chart says I'm supposed to weigh this
The ad says I can lose 30 lbs by tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes. Hmm.
I'm really not that fat
I could lose it any time I want
But most people don't keep it off
What if that is me
What is the right weight for me?
Who decides?
What about zinc? Is that important?
I hate water
I hate carrots
I hate oatmeal
5 servings of fruits and veggies per day
or is it 7
Someone told me it was 9
Do I really need milk?
Seems the milk society thinks so
And the egg society has had some great findings too in support of eggs
White pasta
White bread
White anything is no good for me
Potatoes are bad
Rice is bad

Enjoy the rest of your day of Dieting Mixed Messages


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you hear what I'm thinking.


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