Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do You Want To Sit Here or There

Last night I celebrated a friend's birthday; there were five of us.

When we arrived at the restaurant he turned to the other four and asked us if we wanted to sit in the big corner booth or at a table. The response from all four of us was we did not care where we sat. The host said he would clear the booth; it would take him a few minutes to clean it and set it. Two of the others suggested we just sit at the table. So we did.

Well it seems the birthday boy really wanted to sit at the booth; he let us know several times in the first fifteen minutes at our table.

I finally got tired of hearing the booth comments and said,"If you wanted to sit at the booth you should have just told us that was your preference and not given us a choice. We would have all been fine with it."

End of conversation.

But it did get me thinking about how often we don't get what we want because we're not firm in our message. In the early days of my weight loss I remember specifically telling people, I Want To Eat Here, I Prefer Not To Go There, I'd Feel More In Control If..............

Are there situations you could be handling a little bit better or smarter; situations that you could turn into great successes.

Now for the slower ones who cannot connect dots: This is not about how table choices impact your dieting approach; it is about asking for what you want in order to enjoy your journey.


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