Friday, July 25, 2008

So you're stuck....................

Wow seems like the little server error reconnected me with a lot of people. It was nice to hear from you. It is also nice to be missed. However, it is also time to accept the fact that Rich is not coming back to WW; but I still continue to write on the subject of weight loss and weight management.

Now with that, the underlying theme to so many of the emails I received was.......................

You're stuck. Hit a wall. Can't get over a hump.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: You go around it.

Now for those of you who need the long version of that answer here you go................

I'm talking about taking a different approach. Such as

  • change your foods
  • change up your meals; larger breakfasts and lunches
  • exercise more
  • exercise less
  • buy yourself a new tool to motivate yourself (Click here for a good idea if i don't say so myself); a new book, exercise accessory, kitchen tool
  • Get involved in a new activity - join a club of some sort
  • Start hanging around with new people
  • Go to a different WW meeting; get the perspective of a new leader and new people
  • Tighten the belt for 5 days and act a bit irresponsible on the weekend; that works for many; I know it did for me when I lost my weight
  • Take a break. Yes, can you maintain just for now and pick it up when you're ready
  • Get the crap out of the house - I know it is there. I know all.
  • Try a new food
  • Have a little talk with yourself, an honest one; and ask why things have changed all of a sudden. Look in the mirror while you have this conversation. I am serious. I am sure some stuff will come out. Yes, the truth will hurt. Get over it . Or should I say the truth will help you get over it - the hump that is.
  • Find an online peer group to complement your existing weight loss approach

And always remember getting stuck is like constipation. However, if you were constipated would you make the decision that you would never crap again? No, you would do something. So if you're stuck, go do something.

And let me know when you're unstuck. And please leave comments and your ideas here as well. We can all get skinny, healthy and happy by helping each other.


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