Thursday, August 07, 2008

Junior's Cheesecake........The Best!

So there I was at the Marriott Marquis for 6 nights. Directly across the street is Junior's. Junior's has by far some of the best cheesecake on the planet.

Thursday: Arrive NY. I eat dinner, go see the Dark Knight, and on the way back to the hotel Steve asks if I want my cheesecake. I wasn't hungry. I passed. I still have 5 nights.

Friday, lunch at Junior's. Dessert is offered. Well considering the potato pancake I had for lunch was the size of a Frisbee, I declined. I still have 4 nights.

Saturday day no cheesecake. Saturday night no cheesecake. 3 nights; plenty of time.

Sunday: Attending convention all day; never left building. Dinner out with colleagues. I don't order dessert; I'm going to Junior's. I end up in stimulating conversation and a walk that didn't end until 1:00AM. Junior's had closed. I've still got time.

Monday: Never walked out of hotel as convention activities and "networking" (drinking) was too much fun. Friends are asking me if I want cheesecake. I'll get it tomorrow; or after the formal banquet tonight. Formal banquet leads to dancing. Yep, no cheesecake.

Tuesday: Convention ends. Spend the rest of the afternoon with Scott and Jess doing one of my favorite things in NY - shoe shopping on 8th street. Got a great new pair. Shopping becomes dinner; dinner becomes coffee in Chelsea. I'll stop at Junior's on the way back. Arrive back at hotel; forgot about Junior's. I'll get it on the way to bus station tomorrow.

Wednesday: Time to go home. I head over to pick up a slice for the bus ride. Client calls as I am walking to Port Authority to discuss employee program I am delivering next month. Time is ticking away. She is rambling; I am stalling my walk. She is rambling. I am going to miss my bus if I want this cheesecake.

Do I hang up?
Do I take the next bus two hours later?
How do I get this chick off the phone?

Six nights later, with cheesecake literally in my reach, not one piece. AARRGHHH!!!

Or maybe it is just not important any longer???

How about you..............Any old favorites less important in your world? I sure hope so.


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Erica! I stayed there in April and had the same thing happen. Everyday I went there to get pink lemonade and never got any cheesecake! Hope all is well!


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