Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where do you learn this stuff?

If you click on the comments button to the previous blog entry you will see that someone left a comment regarding the dessert entry. The commenter inquired about where I learn a lot of the stuff I post.

First off all you learn by listening. Then you succeed by doing what you learn.

Unfortunately, that is where so many fail when it comes to weight loss and weight management. They listen (sometimes). They hear or learn a great idea - an idea which might make this journey and ultimate way of life just a bit easier. But then they do nothing with what was learned. They have those inner conversations about what a great idea that would be but for some odd reason just do not follow through. Is this you? Was this you once upon a time?

Here's a challenge or you......................Next time you learn or hear something new that might help you on your way to looking and feeling better, do something.

So how many of you put the can of fruit in the freezer?


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