Saturday, December 08, 2007

Staring at a tray of dessert..............

So there I was staring at a tray of dessert - a tray of corn bread berry trifle (corn bread pieces, berries and pudding). We, me and the trifle, were supposed to attend a dinner party last night. The trifle was to be my contribution. Mom taught me never to go empty handed (I was also instructed to bring something).

About 4:30 PM yesterday a freak snowstorm came through the area and all but shut down the roads in my neck of the woods for about four hours. My friend called to tell me it had just taken him 45 minutes to go 2 1/2 miles. Looks like it was going to be a quiet night at home with my two best friends.

So there I was staring at a tray of dessert..................

I took a spoonful. Quite good.

I took another spoonful. Quite good.

I was going to take another spoonful but instead I decided to take another walk with the dogs. The three of us love the snow. We romped through the snow. They pulled me along the icy roadway (note to self; don't wear the black shoes to walk the dogs this winter). We ran into some neighbors. The tray of dessert was forgotten.

By the time I had arrived back to the house my sweet craving had been satisfied.

I'm leaving town today. I told the dog sitter to take care of the dogs and the trifle while I am away.

And once again............proof in the pudding (literally), that removing yourself from the food is a great weight loss/management strategy.


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