Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pride at the Client Party

Tonight I am invited to a client party. It is one of my favorite parties of the year – it is for those with developmental disabilities. About eight years ago I worked with the Department of Mental Retardation to try and help their clients learn to eat in a healthy manner. They had some great success.

Some of the clients still remember me and some of the things we talked about eight years ago. They always walk over to tell me or come drag me over to see what their plate looks like. I love their sense of pride.

Now granted breaded chicken cutlet, bread and butter, pasta and salad drowning in dressing might be what some consider not the most healthy, but it is these phrases that always get me to smile………………..

  • “Look I only took one”
  • “See, I’m eating salad”
  • “I didn’t put any butter on the rolls” (yes plural)
  • “I’m taking the rest home”

So I guess even in a not-so-great meal we can all find something to be proud of and take some small actions that might keep the waist size in its current hemisphere. I hope you agree?

Oh, and just like many of you………….all bets are usually off for this group when the cake comes out!


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