Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tomorrow is the day.............................

So once again it is time to make that promise.............

Raise Your Right Hand and repeat the following:

I promise, Cross my heart and hope to die,
I will not wear stretchy-pants to Thanksgiving dinner.

Now in the spirit of the holiday season this was too funny not to post. It is from one of you; and with her permission I give you Thanksgiving 2006 with what could be most any family:

Hi Rich,
Thinking of our wonderful Thanksgiving of 2006….

Last year we worked for days, bringing up tables, ironing tablecloths, shopping and preparing any food that we could. I even did flower arrangements in pumpkins.

When the big day arrived we wanted everyone to eat together (for the full 8 minutes as you said). When some of the men tried to camp out in front of the football game we asked that the family sit together for the brief meal. My drunk sister-in-law wanted to start a fight with her hubby so she asked him (in a very slurred voice), “What’s the matter?”

In comes my unsuspecting husband with a nice bottle of wine to share. My brother-in-law turns on David and tells him, “Thanks a lot, Dave.” (Heaven forbid he should want a glass of wine with the meal that he worked so hard for).

So, the sister in law ends up passing out at the table – apparently she started early before coming to our house.
I am in doing the dishes alone and I hear this thumping sound coming from the dining room. She was doing head-nods into my antique glass cabinet. I had to ask, “Can someone get that for me? She is going to go through the glass…”

Thanks Mrs. S for that contribution.

Gobble! Gobble!


And remember, leave some of the plumpness with the Turkey!


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