Friday, November 02, 2007

What's The Easiest Way To Get Fat?

Leadership, teamwork and being your best were the themes of the two presentations I gave over the last couple of days for a Health Care Network. (Could your organization use this?)

It was a thank you and recognition event for all the office administrative staff within the network. They were given information, breakfast, lunch, goodies and workplace inspiration (yours truly). They met the people who provide the services - yes finally getting to match the face with the name on the phone. It was a fun time and appreciated for all.

But there was some irony. Walking around the vendor booth area (at a health care expo, remember) I noticed something. Candy. Lots of Candy. Why were most of the vendor booths, at a health care expo, remember, offering candy?

Well I asked.

And here was the number one answer: IT WAS THE EASIEST THING.

And it reminded me....................................Stopping at Robert's Deli for breakfast 19 years ago was easy. Mr. C's Deli in White Plains, NY for lunch was easier than making lunch. Stopping for take-out or Roy Rogers for dinner was easier than cooking. Easy. Easy. Easy.

Easy to get fat that is.

Have you ever thought about how easy has done nothing but get you fat? Are you still letting easy get you fat? I hope not.

And Hooray for the one vendor who was giving away Apples and Bran Turds (Fiber One)!!!! - too bad most people didn't take any. I guess it's easier to eat candy.


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