Friday, November 09, 2007

You Can Get Skinny Getting Picked Up In A Bar

So I'm sitting at the bar in a restaurant last night enjoying my dinner. I was really enjoying my dinner. The portion however was oh so very large and this was going to be one of those moments where packing it up and taking it home just wasn't going to be very easy.

Well a couple sitting next to me started conversing with me. Before I knew it we were laughing about common interests, common experiences, and even some common people we knew (it really is a small world). I had forgotten about my meal. Eventually I turned and looked down at the plate to find half of it remaining. I was satisfied.

The bartender offered to wrap it up. I declined.

It wasn't about the food. I regularly eat alone while traveling. I regularly sit at the bar and end up engaged in conversations with strangers. It's not about the food. I make it about the experience.

What about you............ are your dining out experiences about the food experience or the experience outside of the food?

And you thought this post was going to be juicy.........ending up in a bedroom. Shame on you.


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