Monday, November 05, 2007

Rich, You Don't Eat A Lot. Have More.

That was the comment that was made to me the other night while out for dinner.

Well for those of you who own my audio program you might remember the piece about people are watching you, talking about you, and not saying nice things. So here goes..............................

Phil had never seen me eat, nor I him; but I guess he was comparing his eating style to mine. His eating style consisted of food stains on his shirt, talking while chewing, and eyeing that last bit of something to make sure he got it. Trust me, you can tell he has gotten the last bits of lots of food. (As an aside, watching that should be enough to scare you and help change your approach to your weight loss)

Well I wasn't paying attention to what was being ordered (as I was having conversation), but I nearly fell off the chair when the appetizers arrived. They were meals. They were also pretty good. So when my actual meal arrived I had a couple of bites and had the rest of it packed up; I'd have dinner for a few weeks! Yes, appetizers were meals and the meals could feed a small country.

Well that's when Phil made the comment, "Rich, you don't eat a lot. Have More?"

My response was "No, I eat just enough. I used to have more and didn't like the feeling that went along with it."

Do you know what feelings I'm talking about? I'm not talking about the discomfort of having eaten too much; I'm talking about something much deeper.

Happy Monday!


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