Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What else can I remove in order to lose weight?

Have you ever played the game What Else Can I Remove to Lose Weight?

If you're not familiar with the game it is where you take off things like jewelery in hopes of squeaking out an extra one gazillionth of a pound at the scale. It is where you stand in front of the scale in the nude or search through the closet for the lightest, sheerest article of clothing. You shave your underarms and legs, blow your nose, clip nose hair, get a haircut or pass gas in search of a descending number on the scale. People in diet clubs do it. People in diet programs do it. People in diet contests do it.

Well to help you win the game, here are some additional things you might want to remove in order to actually lose weight:
  • Try removing the clothes from that piece of exercise equipment and get a little intimate with it.
  • Try removing some of the processed crappy food from your counters, cupboards, desk drawers, cars and fridge.
  • Try removing the extra heaping of whatever that sometimes ends up on the plate.
  • Try removing serving spoons made for a trough when serving meals.
  • Try removing leftovers that are just calling your name.

You want to lose weight, REMOVE THE HEAD GAMES - and go outside and play some that require exertion.


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