Monday, November 26, 2007

Bring on the Snow!

Sing the following to the tune of let it snow............

Oh the weather outside will get frightful.
And you'll want to take one more bite full
In the kitchen you'll pick at this and that
And most of it won't be nonfat

Okay not the greatest, but do you get my point? It's a time of the year when baking, partying and comforting is abundant. I want to make sure you don't become any more abundant.

In my book Yes, You're Fat I Like You Anyway! I talk about bites. Specifically I talk about the first bite being the best, the second bite tasting the same, the third bite kicking in guilt, shame and disgust, and the fourth bite sucking.
So here is my challenge to you for the remainder of this holiday season.
  • Bake Less - since we know that two bites are enough, you won't need to bake as much. Cut that sinful recipe in half this year. I know you can do it - look at it as an opportunity to review your high school math.
  • Party Differently - I just went and looked up the definition of party. The first one I came across talked about a gathering of people for conversation, refreshments and entertainment. Well at least refreshments was second. Not one of the definitions said stuff yourself with food until it hurts, allowing your butt and thighs to increase in size, only to feel like crap the next morning. Get my point?
  • Find Comfort - in something other than chocolate and sugar. Call a long lost friend. Spend some quality time with a loved one over coffee. Curl up with a book and a puppy in front of the fire.

Yesterday I told you a challenge was coming. This is just the beginning. Are you up for the task?

Think Red Slutty Thing.


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