Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please Please Please email me about this post...............

Tuesday afternoon I spent six hours in an airport watching flights being delayed and canceled. Things were not looking good for me. Looks like it was going to be another night at the Fairfield Inn.

I was bored. I was cranky. I thought I was hungry - after all lunch was a little over an hour ago. So instead of seeking out food, I did what I do best - started talking to people. I ended up having a great conversation with a woman by the name of Carol. Well one topic led to another and another and another and all of a sudden we ended up on the topic of weight loss - we also ended up on our plane miraculously.

Carol would like to lose some weight. So we started talking about the struggles of losing weight. Carol shared some of her obstacles with me; which of course I squashed immediately and offered her a different approach to her perceived struggles.

Carol's struggles are not important, because they are Carol's; I'll also probably never see her again. But here is where you can help me do a little research and write a future post. What are the two or three biggest obstacles in YOUR weight loss/management journey?

Email your response to me by clicking here (actually you could do me an even bigger favor - ask a friend or family or two to check out this post and respond as well)

Thanks in advance for your help Skinny!


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