Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let's Get Together for.....................

It's that time of year when people are gathering and getting together for holiday cheer. Let's face it, food and drink just seems to always be where it happens.

So here are some thoughts/ideas on your butt and stomach not having too much fun.......................
  • Gather for coffee or light snacks. Starbucks offers some great healthy alternatives these days (if you need a not-so-healthy alternative pick up a Biscotti); Panera is another one of my favorites
  • Gather for a quick cocktail on your way home from work or to the mall. After all you shouldn't drink and drive; so you'll be more responsible. You might even order a club soda with lime.
  • Choose restaurants wisely. I like meeting for Chinese or Japanese food; easier to stay in control
  • Breakfast is my first choice for getting together, then lunch, then dinner. Easier on the waistline (and the pocketbook too).

But the key to this working is you taking control of the situation when someone asks to connect with you. Don't let the other person pick the place; especially if the places they pick directly correlate to the size of their waist.

Well those are a few of my ideas to keep away the pounds this holiday season. What are yours? What has worked? What has not? Leave us your thoughts by hitting the comments button below.


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