Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Party Strategy

So I thought I would try a new party strategy last night. Now in addition to mingling and having a full glass of diet soda in hand at all times I thought I would go plateless. I made a decision that if I couldn't pick it up with my hand or a toothpick it wasn't going in my mouth.

So I had a couple of pigs in a blanket(nasty), two pot stickers, some shrimp, one slice of cheese on a cracker and some green beans. I avoided the chicken wings; avoided the ham and avoided the stuffed mushrooms. No problem with the nasty Mexican slop dip that looked like puke by the time I got near it.

There was just one slight problem with this pumpkin cheesecakes, cookies and other treats do not need to be put on a plate. They also had a room of their own. Good thing I did an hour plus of snowshoeing in the afternoon.

Hey, it was worth giving the strategy a try. Maybe it will work better for you. Hope you're enjoying the season!


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