Friday, December 21, 2007

Debbie and the Moron!

Debbie wants a new car.
Debbie's husband told her she could get a new car when she loses 40 lbs.
Debbie can easily lose 40 lbs. She can also put it back on. And then take it off again. And then put it back on. And take it................
Guess how I know this?

Debbie's husband is a moron.
Encourage her to lose weight because you love her.
Encourage her to lose weight for health reasons; so that she'll feel good about herself.
Don't hang this car in front of her you moron!

Now on the other hand perhaps Debbie is a moron............
For staying married to a guy like this.

But enough about Debbie and the Moron.

What are your reasons for losing weight? What are your incentives? While it is okay to reward yourself with material things, I would hope there are more important reasons for losing weight and keeping it off?


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