Sunday, October 01, 2006

But you've got time to wait for an apple crisp

Yesterday I took my nieces to the Southington Apple Harvest Festival. It’s a typical street festival. Food you really don’t need. Crafts and other wares for sale that you really don’t need. There was music. People were dancing in the streets. As far as I am concerned we need more of that. There were rides for the kids. The weather was perfect; not too hot nor too cool.

Walking around we came across a line of people that stretched about 200 deep. I inquired what people could possibly be lining up for. There was no famous celebrity nearby. The music was in another direction. What could it be?

“Apple crisp” said someone.

“You’re waiting in this long line for apple crisp?” I questioned.

“Yep. It’s the best” she answered back. I continued walking.

I find it amazing. People tell me how they have no time to plan their meals, or shop, or get to the gym, or cook a meal, but they have an hour to wait for an apple crisp. And you should have seen the butts on some of these people!

Well I guess you have to get your five fruit and vegetable servings in somehow!


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