Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm trying to diet this week

I was walking around the warehouse club yesterday afternoon and overheard a couple talking. He had just tried some cheesy pastry-like something or other. He wanted to buy it. She told him she was really trying to stay on her diet this week and would prefer if they did not bring it in the house. I kept walking. Don’t know who won the discussion, but it did get me thinking about a few things.

  • She was trying to stay on her diet this week. Why only this week? Or does she just take it one week at a time? I’m thrilled if I just get through today, what about you?
  • What does “staying on the diet” mean? Unless you’re on some extreme diet, can you not have those cheesy things? Might not want them, but I can have them.
  • Good for her for asserting herself and asking for the cheesy thing to not enter the house. Sometimes you’ve got to know what will tempt your little tummy. How honest are you being with yourself? I hope very.
  • How come nobody is ever sampling the sliced pear at the warehouse club?

It was a simple sentence; an exchange between a man and a woman; yet gets you thinking; or at least I hope it does. Well it should.

And a heartfelt thanks from those of you who have already ordered your CD program. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Get SKINNY from it.

Don’t forget the savings code. It is a couple of entries down.

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