Friday, September 15, 2006

Eat Cookies, Not Spinach

Oh great, now Spinach can kill me!!!!! See,0,7686390.story?coll=hc-aol-yahoo-nws-hed

My favorite vegetable. The vegetable of Popeye. And now I might die if I eat it. Great.

What’s next? Chicken? Tuna? Lamb? Beets? Corn? Asparagus?

Why couldn’t it be something like cauliflower? Cauliflower is a useless vegetable. It smells like farts when you cook it. It has no taste, unless you add lots of butter and milk as you try to make believe it is mashed potatoes – which it is not. Why couldn’t it be cauliflower!!!!!! And what will happen to Popeye now? Will Bluto finally win Olive – forever? This is awful.

Why can’t someone die from eating potato chips? Or cheese doodles? Why can’t someone get violently ill from eating a food that really has no nutritional value at all?

Why spinach? I’m heartbroken this morning. I’m going to find some cookies.

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