Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have Fun! Play With Your Food!

Losing weight can be fun. If you choose it to be.

If you make it a task, a chore, a bore, you’re destined for doom; you’re destined to be fat, unhealthy and unhappy.

Actually life can be fun, not just losing weight. For more thoughts on that, check out my other blog http://www.donewhining.blogspot.com/. Fun is a mindset. And I believe fun has its place everywhere; at home, at work, and even in your diet – especially in a diet.

When you were a kid you were told not to play with your food. I say play with your food. Play with it while it is on your plate. Play with it by experimenting with food concoctions. Play. Play. Play. And then call your mother and tell her what you’re doing!

Make your weight loss efforts fun. Today.


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