Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Disco Still Rules!!

Don’t know if you recall one of the Airplane movies where the plane is flying through Chicago as a radio station is broadcasting how Disco Lives. Just at that moment, the plane hits the radio tower. Oh well, so much for Disco living.

Well I’m in Chicago, sitting on my ass working for three days. I needed to get some movement. It’s been two days of what seems as eat and work – at times in that order.

I hate the gym. Nobody wanted to go walking with me. What’s a boy to do?

So I had a thought. What if I download some of my favorite disco music to my PDA? It’s already on my laptop. And what if I rename the fitness center “Funhouse” – which was my favorite disco back in the day. (528 W. 26th St. NYC) And then what if I get on one of those exercise bicycles and create my own little spin class?

40 minutes later I am back in the room. And some of the guests at the Radisson now know I am a Macho Man – with a very bad voice.

Have you figured out a way to make your dreaded exercise routine fun?


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