Thursday, September 28, 2006


You might call it a recipe; but I’ll call it Slop-ipe!

Last night I got a little stir fry happy. I cooked up a healthy chicken stir fry (chicken, green and yellow squash, red peppers, garlic, pea pods and mushrooms.) I cooked it in a little oil and soy sauce. But there was way, or should I say “weigh”, too much food.

Well I just had the most awesome lunch. I threw a potato in the nuclear wave oven; cooked it for 7 minutes; mashed it; poured in some of the remaining chicken stir fry (with the juice that accumulated at the bottom of the bowl) and nuked that for a few minutes. Mashed it all together and had a yummy meal that is not only full of vitamins and nutrients, but is low in fat and calories!!!!

And who said comfort food has to be fattening?

I’m calling it Chicken Potato Slop! And I can’t wait to have it again!!


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