Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chocolate versus the Mango. And the winner is........

Chocolate I was craving
There was none to be found
I could go drive down to the mall
They sell it by the pound

This sweet tooth needed some relief
I cannot take no more
There is a mango rotting dead
on the refrigerator door

Chocolate would really hit the spot
Some say the mango would too!
Dark chocolate is a good choice, right?
And tomorrow I'll start anew

I grab my wallet, head to the door
The pups are looking at me
I'm just moments away from chocolate bliss
except I cannot find my car key.

I think there is a message here
So I grab a knife instead
I take that mango off the door
and peel it before it's dead.

The sweetness of that mango sure
was an unexpected treat
I did not really need that chocolate
and can celebrate the feat!


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