Saturday, December 29, 2007

What I know does not work

2008 is almost here. Is it almost time for you to diet (again)? Are you looking forward to January 1st; the day you'll start eating healthier (again)? Well here are some things I know for sure after almost 20 years of maintaining a 30+ lb weight loss.

  • Starting (or restarting) a diet on January 1st does not work in the long term
  • Starting (or restarting) a diet every Monday morning does not work
  • Eating what you think you should, versus what you would like to eat, does not work
  • Thinking you are going to give up sweets, white flour, dairy, and alcohol - forever - does not work (it also makes you crabby and we don't like being around you)
  • Bringing challenging foods into your house and thinking you will be able to control your temptations is a recipe for being fat and unhappy
  • When all your social experiences include or conclude with food you're not making long-term changes
  • Good food is not cheap and cheap food is not good is only half-true. Good food does not have to be expensive. An apple, a banana or a juicy peach can cost less than a candy bar and are equally available these days

So if you're waiting for Tuesday good luck.

Or you can join a lot of my friends who read this blog; friends who are making better choices, eating and ordering less, hanging around with new and interesting people who like to do fun things, and paying the price for enjoyable foods versus paying the guilt, shame and disgust price.

Today is December 29, 2007. It is Saturday. A perfect day to start and/or continue your way to better health. Do you agree?

Now I wish my two house guests would get their butts out of bed already. There is a lox, onions and eggbeater omelet with fruit "weighting" for me at one of my favorite breakfast places.

Now go get Skinny!


Well based on the emails and calls I've received, January 29th is shaping up to be quite an evening. Remember, space is limited.


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