Friday, December 28, 2007

How convenient!

When you think of a gas station convenience store, what comes to mind?

Candy racks? Walls lined with refrigerators full of soda, water, beer and scary packages of bologna? A coffee station? Assorted chips? Sandwiches wrapped in cellophane wrap sitting on shelves since 1492? These days you can also find fast food chains inside as well.

Well how about table service?

Yes, somewhere in Massachusetts off Rte 495, (it was late, I was tired and needed some gas, so I forget what town) was a convenience store that had table service - yes table service!!!! I watched a man order his Blimpie Sandwich and it was delivered to him at one of the several plastic table-cloth covered tables in the middle of the store. Yes, it was late. No I was not dreaming. There was a dining area set up right in the middle of the gas station convenience store.

Now think about it....................Haven't we all stopped at a convenience store to pick up something while in a hurry? Haven't we all avoided the nasty cellophane sandwich and grabbed oh................a bag of chips? And why? Because eating a sandwich while driving can be messy?? Because when we're driving somewhere our weight and diet mentality often times tends to end up in a ditch?

Even when we're in a hurry, don't we have just a few minutes to sit, relax and attempt to make a better choice. And isn't it good to know that convenience stores are working harder to help us?


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