Monday, October 08, 2007

Let's all move to Spain!

Saw a friend's daughter last night. I couldn't believe my eyes. She must have lost about 40 pounds. She was glowing. Her hair was a bit blonder. She was smiling.

Okay, she looked hot.

So I commented on her new look and asked her what she did. What diet?

She called it the Spain Diet.

The Spain diet?

I forgot that she had been studying abroad in Spain this past summer. She had to walk wherever she needed to go. There was no car to be used. Mass transit was available but she chose to walk whenever and wherever possible.

As for her food, she said she just watched not to go overboard and she didn't do a whole lot of drinking (alcohol).

Hmm.....................The Spain Diet. Is there a component of the Spain Diet that might work for you?

Muy Bien!


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm..... I've got a commitment coming up on Saturday's that's about a mile from my house (if that). Don't see any reason why I can't walk there. I like this Spain Diet idea!


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