Monday, September 24, 2007

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Remember the Back To School; Back to Dieting piece I wrote about one month ago? Well we're coming up on the 30 day mark of that post. So how are you doing almost thirty days later? Are you still having fun? Are you still excited? Have you told two fat friends about this blog? Tell two more. I'm sure you know some.

Well during the last month I've received some interesting success/idea emails. So today I thought I would share what's working for a few others.......................

  • Andrea shot me off an email tooting her own horn that she is down about forty-one pounds. Toot away Andrea. Heck, you should all Toot! Toot to me. Toot to your friends. Toot to your family. Toot! Toot!
  • Chris contacted me looking for additional kick in the pants reading. I referred her to My Good Friend Scott.
  • Kris started re-reading her WW program materials and started re-listening to my Yes You're Fat I Like You Anyway audio program again. Forget Back to School and Back to Dieting. How about Back to What Works?
  • Carol let me know she was down 90 pounds after her weight loss surgery, but then put 20 back on. She said it finally was a start............she still needs to take control of her eating and her emotions. She's going back to her support meetings this week. Awesome revelation Carol!
  • Deb told me that her trainer/nutritionist (female) has less time for nonsense, excuses and pity than I do. Her weight is only down a bit, but her energy level has skyrocketed. Thanks Deb..........I guess I’ve got work to do on being a hard-ass.
  • And Bill told he me has received more attention from the women at work than he could have ever imagined. 40 pounds made a difference. So naturally I asked if he has taken that attention to the next level. His response............... email me to find out; but be prepared

So what's your story? What are you proud of? What have you accomplished? What are you going to accomplish TODAY? This is our Blog folks. Leave comments and ideas. Or just keep sending me the emails.


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