Friday, September 14, 2007

A Slight Chance of Being Thin

Several posts back I asked about your shape and as to whether it was round or pear. Well on Wednesday I learned a new term as it refers to our shape...................

I spent the day in Burbank California with a bunch of actors filming a video project. The actors were all about 22 years old. They also weighed all of about 22 pounds.

Well when the pizza was brought in for lunch they started razzing each other about their "slight" figures - and how they better not eat too much.


I was afraid to shake their hands for fear of breaking them. And when I patted one on the back for his creativity and ingenuity, I felt I was touching that skeleton that we had in the corner of my sceince class back in middle school.


Gaunt was more like it. Unhealthy looking possibly? I just hope the camera really does add ten pounds. There were six people at this filming. There were two pizzas brought in. There were leftovers!!!!!

I just hope this "slight" attitude stays in Hollywood. I don't think it is good.


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