Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Should you take it to work?

It's the Tuesday morning after a long weekend for many. Was it a weekend of food, fun and family?

And what about the leftovers? Did you throw them out? Or is the plan to bring them to work? And if the plan is to bring them to work, does the plan also include you having just one more piece of that fat, sugar or cheese laden decadence? Be honest?

And if you're not going to eat them why are you bringing them to work? To get them out of your house, right? Well do you realize you're also giving your co-workers just one more opportunity to complain to you how fat they are getting!

So do your part for the world's obesity epidemic; toss it in the garbage can this time! Perhaps others in your office will take your cue and start doing the same.

Just a thought for this Tuesday morning.


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