Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I didn't get to meet Suzy Hot Sauce

I didn't get to meet Suzy Hot Sauce the other day. There was an obstacle in my way.

The obstacle was about 5'9" tall. He was about as wide!!! It was not muscle. He was not a bouncer. Suzy Hot Sauce was not a porn star.

I entered Suzy Hot Sauce (the store) hoping to find something that would pep up some of my future meals. There were samples of hot sauces, hot dips and hot jams for the testing.

Well it seemed that one person decided it was lunch time and he just blocked the tasting table as he tasted and tasted and tested and tested.

People were watching him in horror, in disbelief, in disgust. I was embarrassed for the man; I was also pissed that he was just feeding not only his face, but the stereotype.

People are looking at you my friends. People are saying not so nice things. Don't ever forget that the next time you have a little pigfest in public.


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