Monday, September 17, 2007

Common Denominator?

What do green squash, yellow squash, sliced onions, barley, ground turkey, canned tomatoes, some water and some spices have in common?

a. They are healthy
b. They all fit into a slow cooker
c. They might taste good when cooked together
d. They might taste like crap when cooked together
e. They are a follow-up to Rich's post of yesterday
f. They might help lead you to a smaller butt?
g. All of the above
h. None of the above
i. Hooray, Rich gave me a recipe
k. Crap, I need to go grocery shopping
l. So much for macaroni and cheese tonight
m. Oh my god, that could feed me for a week
n. My family might like that one
o. It's moron proofed; anyone can use a slow cooker
p. You won't have to; there's not that much water in it.
q. It's quick
r. It'll be ready when you get home if you use the slow cooker
s. It's safe to leave a slow cooker on all day
t. It might be tasty
u. You might use the slow cooker again
v. It'll be a victory
w. I can have it again this week
x. If I eat healthy I might not need x-rays of my organs
y. Yesterday I promised to make a new recipe this week
z. Maybe this will help me get into a size zero


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