Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandmother (mom's side; I'll leave dad's side for another day) would have been 106 today.

My grandmother never cooked with salt.
My grandmother ate lots of fresh fish.
My grandmother ate lots of fruit.
My grandmother never obtained a driver's license and walked everywhere. She also forced her grandchildren to walk everywhere when we visited.
My grandmother ate stewed prunes. She also drank hot water, milk and sliced onions???
My grandmother visited the grocery store at least three times per week.
My grandmother rarely bought cookies and other crap; but was willing to spend extra dollars on quality food items.
My grandmother was a single, factory-working parent of two; her husband vanished when my mom and uncle were in grade school. She worked 12 hours per day.
My grandmother took half her meal home from the restaurant before it became in vogue.
My grandmother visited a butcher shop.
My grandmother roller skated.
My grandmother went dancing every week at Roseland Ballroom in NYC.
My grandmother always made my favorites. Looking favorites were healthy - for the most part.
My grandmother always cooked just enough; not too much and there was never too little.
My grandmother fed us jello with raisins and peaches for dessert.

My grandmother weighed all of about 110 pounds (5'0" tall) and lived until the ripe ole age of 91; and for the most part was healthy for 88 of those 91 years.

Is there a lesson or two or three for you to pull out here?

I'd love to hear about them; leave your comments.


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