Monday, October 15, 2007

I'll get back to dieting....................

After the weekend.
When I get back from convention
After my vacation
After my birthday
After the holidays
After the company retreat
After the kids get out of school
After the cruise
After the marathon

or maybe

After the doctor tells you to lose some damn weight or you're going to die???????????

There is never a right time to be on a diet, but there is always a right time to eat better, move a bit more and get healthier. And that can be done.........

Before the weekend.
Before convention
Before my vacation
Before my birthday
Before the holidays
Before the company retreat
Before the kids get out of school
Before the cruise
Before the marathon

and before the doctor frightens the crap out of you.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Scott "Q" Marcus said...

What I love is when someone says they'll go back to dieting "after the holidays." I (playfully) point out, "The holidays have been going on for about 2,000 years. Do you think they'll be ending soon?"



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