Friday, November 10, 2006

Position Yourself for Success

It's Friday. The weekend is here. Chances are you might find yourself in a social setting. Staying in control is all about "Positioning".

Where do you position yourself at a party? Near the food? In the food? Stand near the food and chances are it will attach itself to your body – and in places you might not like. So be afraid. Be very afraid. It will find you. Move away. Go to another room. Have a good laugh as you watch others increase their size instead of you.

Go ahead. Try it this weekend. Position yourself for success. It will be good practice for the upcoming holidays.


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Ariela said...

Keeping away from the food table is a good idea. But, what do you do when the food is brought to you in the other room by a smiling caterer's server? How many times can you say "no thanks" and turn away?
I think that I can keep away from the ordinary kinds of foods, or at least limit my intake. But, when I see some fabulous food creation that I will likely not see again except at some swanky party, "I WANT THAT FOOD". I dearly want to eat interesting and exciting foods. So, short of hanging a sign around my neck that says "Do Not Feed the Bears", how do I control myself?
Maybe, I should take an inventory of all the types of hors d'ouevres and foods to be served throughout the night and then decide how much of which type of food I will consume. Any suggestions??


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