Saturday, October 28, 2006

Move Your Butt, Don't Girdle It

Okay, once again this morning I was reminded why television has no benefit.

I woke up this morning on Cape Cod to wind and rain like I have not heard in a long time. I decided I would turn on the news to see what this weather was all about and if I should evacuate town!

Well there it was; a story about how girdles are back in style; and how you can have a nice looking butt by wearing a girdle. And even the anorexic Hollywood folks are wearing them – because let’s face it, being a size two sucks if your co-star is a size zero.

I wanted to call the news station and have everyone shot. Let’s hide our fat ass by wearing a girdle! Are they serious?

How about losing that fat ass by taking a walk or riding a bike or eating less!! Girdles! Please tell me people are not this stupid.

Please stop watching TV. Go read your diet materials, read a cook book, listen to a motivational tape, or have an intelligent conversation with a friend. You don’t need a girdle to mask your size. You need to continue working on reducing it.


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