Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Throw Out the Fat Clothes

Okay, fall is here. You’re pulling the fall clothes out of the attic, the basement, or moving them up from the back of the closet.

Oh my god, they’re too big. Yes, your weight loss efforts have paid off. You’re thrilled. Here, you thought you were not seeing any progress and then all of a sudden there’s a surprise.

So now what?


Give them away. Sell them. Burn them. Give them to a fat friend, sister-in-law, or colleague (this can be most fun; but please gloat in private).

If you keep your fat clothes you WILL need them again – it is that simple. And if you keep them you’re a moron!

(Familiar rant to those of you who bought the Yes, You’re Fat audio program?)

Make sense?

Take this opportunity and go buy something you’ve been eyeing for a long time. You deserve it. Frumpy and Dumpy no more!


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