Sunday, October 15, 2006

What is fat?

I had a good laugh today. I was talking to a woman who was telling me how fat she was. So I asked her how much she weighed. She was a little shocked that I asked her, although I suspected what her weight was. Let’s face it, all these years later I am good at estimating and could probably become one of those weight guessers at the fair.

So she told me she weighed 153 lbs. She is 5’7” tall. Not a bad weight at all I thought. But who am I to say what is fat. Realistically, she is at a safe and healthy weight for her age and height. To hear how crazed she is about her weight is enough to make you want to push her head through a wall; considering all of the really big people out there.

But she thinks she is fat. And who am I to argue with her. Body image is such a personal thing whether you’re a few pounds overweight or a truckload.


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