Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Comfort Food Time!

It’s getting a little nippy around these parts these days; we’re entering comfort food season. My former favorite comfort food – cheesecake – the whole cheesecake!!!!

I still love comfort food. Nothing like good ole comfort food on a crisp fall or dreary winter day! Sitting and watching the leaves fall, the snow fall, or the lake freeze over is the perfect reason to go bake cookies, or apple crisp, or eat anything chocolate!

But comfort food has changed. For instance…………………….

You’ll need a slow cooker for this one:

Toss 1 lb lean ground beef, 2/3 cup uncooked barley, can of italian style chopped tomatoes, 10 oz package frozen mixed veggies, 2 cups beef broth and lots of oregano in a slow cooker!

Bon Appetit!

Much healthier than cheesecake – don’t you agree.


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